Using Computers in Education
v. SP13


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Student Expectations of the Instructor

A survey of your expectations of me is located at this link. After instructions are provided in class on Week 1, please complete the survey prior to coming to class Week 2.

Want to Learn More About the Mac?

Through IU's subscription to the video training library known as, you have access to hundreds of computer training videos at no cost to you!

Login to using your IU username and passphrase at

Once logged in, locate the filters near the top of the screen. From the "Vendor" list, choose "Apple." The screen will refresh and you'll be presented all the Training Courses available on related to Apple's software. Scroll down alphabetically to "Mac OS" and find the course entitled "Switching from Mac to Windows." Click that course title and you'll find 7 hours and 58 minutes worth of short videos about switching from PC to Mac.

Switch 101 - Even More about Macs!

Check out Apple's Switch 101 site where you can learn how easy it is to switch from PCs to Macs!

Here's the link to the Virtual Field Trips website from the 3-4-13 podcast:

Here's the link to the YouTube list of Public Service Announcements. If you think you have NO movie making skills, be sure to watch the last item in the list . . .